From the Internet to a Hookup: The Five Steps of Seduction for Online Dating

When you’re looking for a fling online, you can’t go in without a plan. Just like in real life, online dating requires a man to seduce and stand out to a woman. The caveat of online dating, however, is that although there’s tons of women’s profiles to choose from, the same goes for them. You have to be able to stand out of the crowd, and know what works and what doesn’t to get a woman’s attention online. This is the information age, and the days of wasted time and money spent in a bar angling for a hookup are no more. That’s a good thing, though, because learning the tricks of online seduction is easy.

While it’s expected that you’d spend time getting to know a woman that you’re interested in for a relationship, there’s no reason to waste time when you’re just looking for a hookup. That’s where Canadian married dating sites can help. There are plenty of hot local Hamilton ladies, for example, looking for the same things that you are. You just need to know how to find the best ones, snag their attention, and close the deal.

Creating an Effective Profile

“An effective profile is important if you want to create an impression”

You have to start with a good foundation before you embark on your seduction quest. In the world of online dating, that means crafting an awesome profile that the ladies will notice. Experts say the element that can make some guys really stand out on dating sites is to be specific in their profiles, and not general, according to In other words, don’t type up some bland interests and dry facts about yourself to fill in the sections of your profile. It doesn’t matter whether you get right down to business and say you want a hookup, or are more subtle, and include some interests, like a love of the outdoors. Either way, if you’re not saying anything else, it’s boring. Women are going to skim the first few sentences and click away. Just like you, they have tons of profiles they can peruse. While you may think that other people in the Canadian married dating scene will settle for what they can get, since they’re cheating, that’s simply not the case. Internet dating has revolutionized the ability to be picky.

The other part of an effective profile is a good profile picture. A picture that shows you in a good light – but still looks like you – is a great way to gain a woman’s interest. When she searches for a potential date, it’s the pictures that show up first in a vast list of search results. Including content in your profile that’s interesting and specific, and not generic, will give her incentive to stay.

How to Message a Woman

“Think before you write the message”

You don’t have to wait for the women to message you, either. People looking for hookups are messaging each other constantly. There’s a lot of activity in the online dating scene, whether on a more traditional dating site or a hookup site. Sites that cater to Canadian married dating, for example, have a huge pool of users. Therefore, just like a profile, people are constantly searching for a suitable match by sending out lots of messages. Whether it’s a quick browse of pictures, a thorough search of profiles, or a barrage of messages to different people, you can rest assured that no one is sitting around, waiting for their dating site inbox to be filled.

You may receive messages, but we like to think that it’s better to be proactive than wait for a hot woman to come along. If that was going to happen, it probably would have already. Online dating for flings is all about seizing the moment, so if you find a woman you like, get to her as soon as possible. You have to make sure you’re sending her something that’s going to catch her eye, though. The advice we offer on this topic is similar to the profile – be specific. Mention something that caught your eye in her profile, even if it’s that you have the same sexual desires. Write something that relates to her statements and interests. Just don’t write a generic introduction that she’ll delete before she even finishes reading it. It can also help to state your intention up front, because then she knows she’s not going to get into an endless, rambling conversation with you about the dating scene.

Meeting in Person

“Create intimacy”

Once you’ve found a local Hamilton lady you want to meet up with, you should know what to expect. Dating around for a hookup is different than dating around for a relationship. You already have one of those, and what you’re looking for now is sex. Sure, maybe you want a little fun with a woman you actually get along with. That’s fine, too. There’s a reason the term “friends with benefits” exists, but don’t get emotional. With that in mind, when you meet up with your potential fling on the first date, be polite and confident. Know exactly what you want going in, but feel out the situation first. What’s she after? Is she really down for a hookup? We don’t mean will she deliver – that’s irrelevant, because there’s no way to know that. If she’s on a hookup site, chances are she’s also looking for sex. However, the big problem isn’t whether she’s down for a hookup, so much as whether that’s all she’s interested in. If you get the sense that she’s going to try and rope you into some kind of relationship, or make demands, get out while you still can.

Where to Hook Up

“Find a nice place to hook up”

You may not hook up on your first date, but if things go well, ideally you’ll make a firm time and place to hook up the next time you meet. Going on a date with a fling is similar to planning a vacation. It should be fun, relaxing, and not too serious. Both you and she should be into it, and looking forward to it, but it should also be practical. A first hookup is also the opportunity to check out how much sexual chemistry you share. Let’s face it – not every couple is sexually compatible in bed, and that’s what hookups are all about.

Never take her back to your place. If she’s married, too, and in the Canadian married dating scene, obviously her home is a no-go. In fact, if she suggests that, ditch her. That’s just inviting trouble. It’s perfectly fine to suggest a motel. You’re having an affair, not your wedding night. Don’t pick somewhere that’s paid by the hour, because that’s trashy, but be reasonable. The best place to hook up with a fling is somewhere private and inexpensive, but not super sleazy. Learn more about married dating by reading our reviews of top dating sites. Get some insights here- Married and Cheating: Reviews and Guides for Affairs in Canada. Choose the best married dating site for your affair.

To End or Not to End

After you hook up, you’ll now have to decide whether or not you want to see her again. Flings should always remain casual, but it’s also possible to have an ongoing affair that doesn’t become serious. It all depends on the woman involved. The biggest factors in deciding whether you want to see her again is how the good the sex was, and how much pressure she’s putting on you to meet up again. If she seems over eager, that screams desperation, and that’s not a good sign. If she’s interested, but casual about it, that’s your golden ticket. Go ahead and see her again if you had a great time and she seems laid back – that’s what hookups are all about.

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