Figuring Out if She’s Interested or Being Paid to Message You

“Does she really like you?”

Two of the most common dating site scams involve paid professionals in the sex and dating industries trying to make some extra money off of you. Whether it involves the company actually running the dating site hiring someone to pretend to be someone they are not for the sake of driving subscriptions, or an actual woman of the night looking to get some action from unsuspecting guys that don’t realize hookups are not supposed to involve monetary transactions, you have to keep an eye out when searching for the perfect hookup in Regina or anywhere else. When searching online, you can trust the top hookup sites mentioned here: Read the online hookup site reviews carefully and then make a decision. There’s only so much you can do to spot these before they make off with your wallet, but with these tips, you will at least have a better chance than most.

Follow the Money: She Could be a Professional

“She could be scamming you”

The very first thing to keep in mind when avoiding dating site scams is the chance that the woman you’re looking to hook up with is actually a working woman. This is a primary concern not only because it’s going to cost you bank even if you end up turning her down, but also because in most places this is going to run you afoul of the law. For someone just looking to get laid, there’s really no reason to put yourself in that kind of jeopardy. Even if it seems like a legitimate offer, there’s no telling who is actually on the other side of the computer. Don’t be the poor schmuck who gets suckered into paying for a good time, only to find out you’ve walked into a bust.

How do you recognize the professionals from the crowd of women that are there for the same reason as you? Fortunately, this isn’t quite as difficult as it may seem. Remember, any professional isn’t going to want to risk time, energy and the repercussions of getting caught if they don’t have some reasonable expectation of compensation. In other words, she’s going to bring up money before you leave for the meet up. Sometimes it’s pretty straight forward with a stated rate included in her replies. Sometimes, though it’s a more subtle comment such as a reminder that nothing is free that should tip you off. Just remember, if she’s talking about anything other than transportation costs, or saying her taxi’s going to be something exorbitant, her idea of a good night probably includes you as one of her Johns for the evening.

Is it Difficult to Contact Her Outside of the Dating Site?

“If it is, then she may be scamming you for money”

When it comes to dating site scams sanctioned by the businesses themselves, catching on can be a little more difficult. This is primarily because the employees are hired to act like normal people and make small talk that’s designed to keep you interested in a possible relationship. That means they’re going to be as realistic as possible to maintain the ruse for as long as possible. Remember, they’re looking to string you along for your subscription revenue and they probably have a bit of practice going in. That means you’re talking with a real person, which makes them harder to spot than bots or scripts, and they’ve probably been in your position themselves. In other words: they know what to expect and what their expectations would be in this case.

That’s why how you stay in contact is one of the warning flags to look for when talking to someone looking for a date in Regina or anywhere else. When it comes down to simple communication, most everyone is going to start on the website alone, messaging back and forth through profiles and forums, of course. When it comes to actually have a conversation with someone you have an interest in seeing or carrying on some sort of relationship with, however, any reasonable person would generally be okay moving to a different, less restrictive and costly platform. That may start with email, but if she’s still pushing you to contact her through the website even after you’ve moved some correspondence to email, it might be a good time to at least attempt some video chats if not in person meet ups. Most dating sites come with the expectation of the latter happening at some point fairly soon after you hit it off with someone, so a large reluctance to agree to meeting in person can be a red flag for a fake account.

If She Does Agree to Meet Up, Does Something Always Prevent It?

But what if she has been agreeing or even seems eager to meet in person, but something keeps coming up that prevents you from ever seeing each other? If this happens once, it may not mean anything. Plans get changed and a people mess things up all the time. When it starts becoming less of a one-time mess up and more of a clear pattern, however, it may be best to cut things off. Even if it’s just someone who has the worst luck in the world, chances are you would never end up meeting anyway and your attention is best turned elsewhere. A pattern of being unable to meet up in person more likely states that she doesn’t want to meet in person, however, and that’s pretty unlikely for a woman legitimately looking to meet someone online. It’s far more likely it’s a website employee stringing you along so you’ll keep paying their boss the subscription fees. Hey, a job’s a job, but that’s not something you want to date.

Companies Have Already Been Caught Leading People on for Subscriptions

“Steer clear of these scammers”

We know some of this might sound a little far-fetched or like a conspiracy theorist, but the truth is there are a lot of websites that have already been caught and fined for doing exactly this. All it takes is a short web search to bring up dozens of legitimate news stories where a reporter has cracked open these very scams themselves or with the help of an anonymous tip. A word to the wise; most of the people in these jobs weren’t told going in that that was what they were going to be doing for their paycheck. Most are brought through multiple levels of initiation get them comfortable with a steady check and the company itself before this task is ever assigned to them. Because of this, most people don’t feel like they can protest such a thing no matter how irritated they are that the position exists in the first place.

Believe it or not, that mindset is something that can help you out. A lot of times, what you type is a reflection of the mood you’re in regardless of how you’re intending a piece to be taken. Employees pretending to be an interested woman will be no different. In fact, they’ll be pretty dispirited over being a part of a dating site scam, and that can come out in their communications to you. Asking them outright is probably not the best way to go, since if they answer honestly they risk losing their jobs, and if you’re wrong you sound like a tool. Just taking note of word choice should be enough.

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